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We’ve packed tons of great photo editing features in our new baby, Foto Editor. All your image editing needs can be fulfilled with this one app. You can add photo effects/filters, add captions, adjust the colors/brightness, adjust focal points, and so much more. Take a look at all of the features that makes this the must have app for photo lovers:Features:- 3 Auto Enhance functions that will adjust the color, brightness, sharpness, and other details of your photo.- Over 35 different very cool photo effects/filters to choose from- Ability to Add stickers to your photo to give them some added flare- Ability to place your pics in various different photo frames- Adjust and change the alignment of the pic- Adjust the orientation of the pic so you can flip the pic sideways or upside down- Choose from over 150 different Fonts to add captions to you photos- Cut and crop the picture to remove unwanted portions of the pic- Ability to add a focal point to 1 part of the image to make it really stand out- Adjust the color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness all separately- The ability to only add color to the portion of the image you want. This is a great feature to really make an object or someone really stand out in your photo. (Tip: Use this feature along with the focus picture on one object to really make some awesome looking pics)- Ability to draw on your pics to make doodles or writings of any kind- Function to fix Redeye- Ability to fix minor imperfections or blemishes in your photosAs you can see we’ve really packed a ton of features in this one and we really really hope you enjoy using it.Please send feedback to zoninsider@gmail.com and have fun using Foto Editor!

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