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Android的更新 描述 Discover the latest Android updates, top apps, Android Marshmallow features, useful tools and cool new tricks for your smartphone or tablet.
Join millions of users getting the latest:
✓ Android updates and upgrades
✓ Android tips, tricks & secrets
✓ Android apps, tools, and widgets
✓ Tech news and app reviews
✓ Software updates & firmware upgrades
✓ Android setup manuals, guides, and basics
✓ Android themes, wallpapers & launchers
★ Android Help and Support
Need help updating your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the latest Marshmallow software version? Looking for tech support for Galaxy Note 5? Join Drippler’s lively in app discussions and get instant assistance, info and support for your Android smartphone, tablet, or wearable tech.
★ Discover how to:
- Extend battery life and reduce battery draining
- Boost phone speed and clear up memory
- Remove junk files and clean up storage space
- Backup files, contacts, and photos
- Take better pictures and adjust camera settings
- Protect device from viruses and guard your privacy
- Recover deleted files, photos, and contacts
- Sync contacts and email accounts
- Remove bloatware and pre installed default apps
- Block popups and ads
- Adjust Android settings and customize display
★ Learn how to fix:
- WiFi and mobile data connection problems
- Display switching off, freezing or screen not turning on
- Camera taking blurry pictures & camera crashes
- Phone not charging or charging slowly
- Device warming fast and overheating
- Keyboard freezing and collapsing
- GPS location, maps and navigation lagging
★ Discover the latest:
- OS updates & upgrades
- Android features, menus and shortcuts
- App recommendations & app reviews
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- Software and firmware version updates
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- Android police, AndroidPit
- Lifehacker, Digital Trends, Make Use Of
- The Next Web, AppsZoom, Ubergizmo
- The Smartphone App Review, Ting
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需要帮助更新您的三星Galaxy S6最新棉花糖软件版本?寻找银河注5技术支持?加入Drippler热闹的应用程序的讨论,为您的Andr​​oid智能手机,平板电脑或可穿戴技术援助即时,信息和支持。

- 延长电池的使用寿命,减少电池电量耗尽
- 升压手机的速度和清晰的内存
- 删除垃圾文件和清理存储空间
- 备份文件,联系人和照片
- 拍摄更好的照片,并调整相机设置
- 从病毒保护装置和保护您的隐私
- 恢复已删除的文件,照片和联系方式
- 同步联系人和电子邮件帐户
- 删除英国媒体报道,并预装默认应用
- 阻止弹出式窗口和广告
- 调整Android设置和自定义显示器
- WiFi和移动数据连接问题
- 显示关闭,冻结或屏幕未打开
- 相机拍摄模糊的照片和摄像头崩溃
- 手机无法充电或充电缓慢
- 设备升温快和过热
- 键盘冻结和崩溃
- GPS定位,地图和导航滞后
- 操作系统的更新和升级
- Android功能,菜单和快捷键
- 应用的建议及应用评论
- 动态壁纸,背景和主题
- 软件和固件版本更新
✓“把你的手机变成最该死的手机,它可以” - Gizmodo的
✓“一个必须具备的Andr​​oid用户” - TheNextWeb
✓“Drippler提供有关Android的更新和有用的应用程序消息” - 纽约时报
✓“尝试Drippler这就像一个版本的Flipboard为您的移动设备。” - 网站GigaOm

- Android电子警察,AndroidPit
- Lifehacker的,数字化的发展趋势,充分利用
- 下一个网页,AppsZoom,Ubergizmo
- 智能手机应用程序审查,亭


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