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[Characteristic][1] Automatic call service (In-app billing)This is a automatic call service that notifies automatically when the no charging of the device continues.You do not need any operation other than the initial setting, just keep using the device as before.The mail of automatic call include the location of the device. It contributes to prompt relief.You can freely set the time to notify.[2] Emergency call service (Free)This is a emergency call service that notifies the emergency situation only by one click.[Basic principle]This service periodically measures the charging state of the device and monitors the operation status of the device. When no charging of the device continues, send the mail automatically.[Note]1. Model changeTo use it on another iOS device different from the purchased device, please sign in with the iTunes account you purchased, and then choose “Restore” at the purchase tab.2. Cancellation of automatic renewal(1) Open setting from Home screen(2) Select in the following order [iTunes & App Store] - [App ID: xxxx@yyy.com] - [Show Apple ID](3) If you are not signed in, enter your password and sign in(4) Select "Manage" for subscription(5) Set automatic renewal to offIf you cancel automatic renewal, it will continue until the end date, and will not be updated from the next time renewal. If the end of date is reached, the next subscription period will be charged. Therefore, please cancel one day before the end of date.3.Usage notes(1) Popups of ”Notification", "Use location information" will be displayed at the first startup. If you select "Do not allow", this application will not work properly. If you select "Do not allow", please uninstall this application, re-download and select "Allow".(2) When purchasing "Automatic call service", please confirm whether the mail is delivered by "Emergency call service" beforehand.If emergency mail does not arrive, there is a possibility that it is caused by the spam mail filter.Please request the family member etc. of the delivery destination to cancel the spam setting.(3) Be careful not to terminate the application completely(*) while the "Automatic call service" is in operation. *Press the home button twice quickly and swipe up the application screen with the multitasking screen displayed.[Information on in-app billing]Contract duration: 1 monthThis application use the automatic subscription feature of in-app billing provided by Apple.It does not cost admission fee, withdrawal fee.Your purchase will be billed to your iTunes account.Automatic continuation billing will be charged automatically within 24 hours after the contract period expires. Automatic continuation billing will be automatically renewed unless you turn off automatic billing more than 24 hours before the period expires.Automatic billing can be turned off on the Apple ID setting screen.If you turn off automatic ongoing billing, you will be canceled at the end of your contract period. Cancellation during the contract period is not available.[The terms of use]http://hinode.fem.jp/terms_en.html[Privacy policy]http://hinode.fem.jp/appPolicy_en.html

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