• 大小:69.2M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:地图导航
  • 系统:ios
冰岛GPS是一款基于iOS的本地导航应用,用户界面简单,功能强大。汽车,步行或自行车出行用户均可使用此软件。该应用不仅适合本地用户使用,同时适用旅游用户,为旅游用户提供了地址搜索和路线导航功能。产品使用了许多先进技术:矢量地图使得地图数据文件变得更小,并实现高品质的二维和三维绘制;采用最短路径算法,快速提供导航路线;采用了离线地址数据库和在线地址数据库相结合,提供了庞大的地址数据库;内置数字指南针功能,辅助用户结合地图判断行走方向.产品特征: 1.地图和导航都是完全离线的,即可以在没有网络或数据漫游的情况下工作,为您节省流量费用。2.可切换的2D/3D地图显示,可切换的英文/本地语言地图显示。3.向量地图使海量地图数据得到压缩,地图数据文件变得更小。4 领先的地图数据,为您提供全面准确的搜索服务,含有大量的兴趣点包括了景点、餐馆、酒店等信息,您可以离线或在线搜索全国任何地址。5 专业的导航引擎让您即刻拥有高端导航体验:可通过列表模式或地图模式查看路线,并且有多样的系统设置,满足您的个性需求。6 强大的语音引导和方向、距离、速度显示,为您提供最清晰的导航指引。7 用户界面友好,操作简单,与iOS风格完美统一:常用功能可在地图界面里直接操作完成。8 智能地铁导航能指示您当前位置和目的地之间最短的地铁线路,方便您的出行。9 提供全球范围的酒店预定。10 地图来源于OpenStreetMap,我们会定期更新地图数据。赶快来试用一下目前世界上最好的GPS软件。---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------China Navigation is a local navigation application for iOS with user-friendly interface and powerful function. Now it is available on iPhone and iPad.You can use this app when you drive a car, ride a bike or walk to your destination. This app provides local search and offline navigation when you travel or live in China.Some advanced technology such as vector map,shortest path algorithm,offline address database are adopted.Vector map features high quality and much smaller size.The optimized navigation route can reduce your travel time on the way.Address database combining both online and offline data provide rich POIs(Point of Interest). Built-in electronic compass can assist you to judge the direction of route. Key Features:1.Completely offline map and navigation,work without network connection or data roaming which helps your save money.2.Switchable 2D/3D,switchable English/local language map display.3.Vector map compacts vast map data which makes this app much smaller in size.4.Leading map data,contains a large quantity of POIs which are comprehensive and accurate.You can search address around your location,including attractions,restaurants,hotels,etc both offline and online. 5.Professional navigation engine with fast route,turn by turn features makes you to enjoy a good navigation experience.View the route on the table list or on the map.You can also custom some useful function on system settings. 6.Powerful voice guidance and direction,distance,speed display provide most clear route guide for you.7.Friendly user-interface and elegant operations. Perfectly compatible with iOS style. If you are tired of traditional complex GPS software, this app will be your choice. 8.Smart subway navigation can guide you a available and short subway route between your location and destination which will facilitate your travel.9.The map sources from OpenStreetMap,we also maintain and update map data periodically.Do you want to try the best GPS software in the world now?

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