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圣保罗旅游指南地铁去哪儿巴西地图 Sao Paulo metro gps map guide

圣保罗旅游指南地铁去哪儿巴西地图 Sao Paulo metro gps map guide

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圣保罗甲虫旅游指南是您最好旅游伙伴,应用的离线GPS可以实时跟踪您在圣保罗的位置,你再也不用担心在旅途中迷路。这个应用还为您提供了所有的地铁站和主要车站准确位置,地铁路线搜索,城市里的必去旅游景点,天气预报以及货币换算器。我们应用特点是:不需要3G/4G/WiFi,绝对不需要任何网络数据, 100%离线,可以省却你大量昂贵的漫游费用。独特功能包括:1.离线GPS定位 - 不需要任何网络数据,离线GPS及指南针可以实时跟踪您在地图上的位置。2.不需要任何网络数据,不需要WiFi/3G/4G, 可以省却你大量昂贵的漫游费用。3.全部地铁及交通站点标注- 离线地图会标注城市里所有的地铁站和主要火车站 ,无论在任何地方,您都能容易找到路线以及交通去往你的下一站。4. 地铁路线搜索 - 到了陌生的城市,地铁不知道该乘坐哪条线路?在哪里中转?地铁路线搜索功能可以在几秒钟内帮助您,只需键入你的起点站和终点站,我们会告诉你需要乘搭的线路以及中转站,用最短的时间去往目的地。5.必去旅游景点 - 好不容易去一趟旅游,不要错过任何有趣的地方,在地图上面标注红色的景点是甲虫旅游编审选出的必去景点,你还可以先通过应用里面的介绍先了解古迹或景点的历史背景。6.其他旅游景点 - 除了甲虫旅游编审推荐的必去景点,在地图上面标注蓝色的其他旅游景点。7. 标签特定地点 - 需要标记下酒店的位置?或者标记一些我们地图没有提供的地点?不用担心,通过标签功能,你可以简单的在地图上面加上你独有的标签,每个标签还可以记录笔记,如酒店预订号,餐馆预定资料等,轻松管理你旅途需要的信息。8.天气预报 - 在旅途期间,提供当地当前和预测的天气概况,可以帮助您更好地规划您的户外活动。支持离线模式查询,但注意-获取最新天气信息需要网络数据。9. 货币换算器 - 在旅途期间,随时帮助您换算外币费用,购物的时候更方便。支持离线模式进行换算,但注意-获取更新的汇率需要网络数据。10.友好的用户界面 - 容易使用,操作方便。11.完美兼容 iPhone,iPad,iPod touch,iOS7或以上的设备有了这个程序,你以后在世界上任何角落旅行都不会迷路,现在就下载试试吧!注:如需获取离线GPS定位,请在设备的‘设置’-‘隐私’下面-允许应用使用‘定位服务’。Sao Paulo Travel Guide is your ultimate oversea travel buddy. Offline GPS locates and tracks your position in Sao Paulo at real time. The most important feature is: NO 3G/4G, NO Wifi and absolutely NO Network Data needed. 100% offline. This app provides you augmented reality direction guide, offline city map with all the metro/train stations, metro route search, must-go tourist attractions (red pin) plus other hundreds of POI -Point of Interests (blue pins). Save you expensive roaming charges while you are traveling abroad.UNIQUE FEATURES:1. 100% OFFLINE GPS LOCATION - NO INTERNET REQUIRED, offline GPS and compass locates and tracks your position in the map at real time.2. NO WIFI, NO 3G/4G, NO NETWORK DATA REQUIRED - save expensive roaming charges.3. ALL METRO/TRAIN STATIONS PINNED - All metro and train stations in the city are pinned on the map, easy to find your way out and to anywhere the very moment you get off from transport.4. METRO ROUTE SEARCH INCLUDED - Do not know which line to take and where to transit? Our metro route search function will be able to help you in seconds. Just key in your start point and the destination station, and we will tell you which line to take and where to transit in order to get to the destination in shortest route.5. MUST GO ATTRACTIONS and ATTRACTIONS INTRODUCTION INCLUDED - don’t miss anything, must go attractions are pinned red and attractions introduction are included, you can learn about background and history of the monuments or sites.6. OTHER ATTRACTIONS and POINT OF INTERESTS PINNED - don’t miss anything, apart from must go attractions, we also provide other point of interests which are pinned blue in the map.7. MARK YOUR OWN PIN ON THE MAP - need to go to places that we do not include in the map? No worries, you can easily pin your own points and write notes about specific points easily with our add pin function.8. WEATHER FORECAST PROVIDED - Current weather and forecast for target city, alert you to potentially life threatening weather (thunderstorm, snow storm, etc), helps you to plan your outdoor activities better during the trip. 9. USEFUL CURRENCY CONVERTER PROVIDED - helps you to calculate expenses in foreign currency quickly while you are abroad. 10. USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE - very easy to use, super convenient to operate, no hassles.11. 100% COMPATIBLE - with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.With this app, you can easily travel in the world most popular cities without getting lost. Download it now!Note: Please turn on the location services for the app in your device settings to use GPS.

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