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Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏

Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏

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Flag Quiz - Like you have never seen it before! Three languages:English,日本語,中文 Your beloved Flag Quiz has been completely redesigned and re imagined from the ground up to make it more fun to play. Help Ninja Dai get to the black belt of Flags and win his Sensei's approval! Hundreds of Flags are available for you to guess in over ten exciting levels. Get Flags right and enjoy extremely interesting, fun filled facts in humorous conversations between our cute ninja and his sensei. Over 5 million players have answered more than a billion Flags in this addictive game! Test yourself on one of the most comprehensive collection of international Flags and brands. Features: - A visual Trivia game for the entire family with all your favorite Flags! - Enjoy extremely humorous and fun conversations between our cute Ninja and his Sensei. - More fun stuff and more Flags arrive with each update! - Plenty of levels to tackle in increasing order of difficulty. - Help is always available in the form of hints and the ability to resolve the question. - Earn more hints every time you get five Flags correct in a row! All Flags shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations.

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Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏评论

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    超级喜欢使用Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏,这次下载Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏2.0.0非常快速,还是最新版本,大力推荐
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    感觉还不错,Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏2.0.0比上个版本要好的多
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    Flag Quiz2-猜国家,猜国旗,世界各国的国旗一览,地理知识问答,国旗达人的游戏挺好用的一款动作游戏软件,挺!!!就是下载好慢啊,赶脚那网速走的好无力