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Discover Trees at West Kowloon 西九樹木導賞

Discover Trees at West Kowloon 西九樹木導賞

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「西九樹木導賞」— 全新樹木導賞體驗,讓你細賞身邊的樹木及了解有趣故事Download our new tree app – a fun way to discover the trees in West Kowloon立即下載「西九樹木導賞」應用程式,只需掃描樹木的QR碼,或利用樹木轉盤,即可了解苗圃公園不同的樹木品種、它們的習性及背後的有趣故事。你更可透過應用程式報名參加工作坊、瀏覽園區地圖及到訪資訊,讓你一邊遊覽公園,一邊細賞身邊的樹木及不同季節的景色。.「掃描樹木QR碼」:當你身處苗圃公園,你可以掃描樹木上的QR碼,即時了解相關樹木資料.「樹木轉盤」:透過美觀易用的樹木轉盤,尋找及了解你感興趣的樹木.「尋找樹木」:利用關鍵字、樹木名稱、號碼等做搜尋,深入了解樹木的習性及背後的有趣故事.「園區地圖」:了解苗圃公園四個不同類別的樹種 (海濱、林地、城市森林及果園) ,以及樹木的位置.「導賞及工作坊」:透過應用程式報名參加苗圃公園樹木導賞及工作坊.「規劃行程」:瀏覽開放時間、交通資訊,助你規劃行程.「文章及最新消息」:閱讀更多有關樹木或種植的小知識;以及即時接收有關西九的最新消息Our new Tree App offers a fun way to find out about the trees in the Nursery Park. Simply scan the tree code or use the tree wheel to learn interesting facts about their habitat, their seasonal changes and how to identify different species by their flowers, fruit or the shape of their leaves. The app also contains related stories and a list of highlighted trees to lead you to new discoveries.You can also use the Tree App to register for our guided Tree Tours and Workshops, view a map of the Nursery Park, learn about the future Art Park and find details of how to get to West Kowloon. Download our new Tree App now!.TREE QR CODE: simply scan the tree code to learn about the tree in front of you while you are in the park .TREE WHEEL: our beautiful tree wheel offers another way for you to find the trees you are interested in.EXPLORE TREES: search trees by keyword, common name, scientific name or tree number. You will be able to learn about their habitat, seasonal changes and how to identify different species by their flowers, fruit or the shape of their leaves.PARK MAP: Identify the 4 zones in the Nursery Park, and locate the trees through the map.GUIDED TOURS: register for guided tours directly though the app.PLAN YOUR VISIT: get useful visitor information including interactive map, transportation, opening hours and more.STORIES AND NEWS: learn interesting tips and stories about trees and plants; stay up-to-date with all the latest news and info about West Kowloon本應用程式提供中文及英語選擇The app is available in English and Chinese.------------------------------------------------------------------Learn more about West Kowloon through this app and our website at www.westkowloon.hk/nurserypark.Sign up for e-news: www.westkowloon.hk/subscribeFacebook: www.facebook.com/westkowloonInstagram: @westkowloon #westkowloon------------------------------------------------------------------「西九樹木導賞」應用程式由西九文化區提供The app is presented by West Kowloon Cultural District

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