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定位通365 - 云端远程手机追踪,行踪记录,防止人口失踪

定位通365 - 云端远程手机追踪,行踪记录,防止人口失踪

  • 大小:18.0M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:地图导航
  • 系统:ios
【视频介绍】http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Hz3EKnQiA【AppPicker.com 评论*****】 - 如果你的朋友或家人外出时,你发现自己非常担心他们,"定位通365"可以帮助你保持跟踪他们的行踪,是一个效果非常理想的应用程序 - http://www.apppicker.com/reviews/9204/locator365-app-review-keep-your-loved-ones-safe-with-the-gps-personal-tracker 【theiphoneappreview.com评论*****】 - "定位通365"是一个伟大的工具,有效地运用GPS来做到实时跟踪iPhone或iPad的下落。如果你是认真要做到GPS跟踪,值得看看这个应用程序 - http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/2013/09/locator365-iphone-app-review 定位通365 - 云端远程手机追踪,行踪记录,防止人口失踪 千万不要错过 一个具有成本效益的解决方案,远程跟踪您所关心的人和设备 防止人口失踪,拯救生命 让你的iPhone变换的GPS智能云端定位系统 集成谷歌地图 Google Map 【定位通365–远程手机追踪,行踪记录】 –本软件是监听软件,需要把“定位通365"安装到被监听的对象设备上,当然也可以安装到自己的设备上,再把设备放与监听对象 –可爱的小朋友 –敬重的长辈 –家庭成员 –亲爱的伴侣 –公司需要出外工作的员工 –物流及运输车队 –内有珍贵资料的的iPhone,iPad及iPod –户外运动的行程记录(如:游船,骑自行车,登山,远足及其他) 【定位通365–可支援远程查看跟踪数据】 –安装“定位通365 管理员"可远程查看跟踪数据 –“定位通365 管理员"完全免费! –允许监护人远程管理的跟踪数据 【定位通365–有效预防人口失踪】 –记录日期及时间 –GPS 数据 –详细地址 –提供路线 –显示在谷歌地图(4种显示模式) 【定位通365–提供紧急帮助,拯救生命】 –即时给您的家人/朋友/其他发出紧急求助请求 –如拨打电话,短信,电子邮件,Facebook和Twitter,微博 – 广播您的位置,让别人容易找到 – 防止劫持,加快急救时间 –拯救生命 【简洁介面,轻易掌握,满足您的需要】 –简洁介面,轻易掌握 –灵活设定(更新间隔:3/5/10/15/30/60分钟) –显示在谷歌地图(4种显示模式) –提供密码保护功能,保障重要设置不被更改 –支持后台纪录功能,程序会在后台运行,不影响其他软件应用,打电话,玩游戏,发短信等一切操作,不会对用户有任何异常反应 –支持离线工作。在没有网络连接,它会暂存GPS的数据。当网络连接后,会自动更新 –支持室内定位 –支持 3G / 4G / LTE 及WIFI无线网络 –支持高清屏幕 ~~~~~【Video Demo】http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Hz3EKnQiA【AppPicker.com Review*****】 - If you ever find yourself worrying frantically about your friends or family while they’re out and about, Locator365 is the ideal app for helping to keep a track on their current whereabouts - http://www.apppicker.com/reviews/9204/locator365-app-review-keep-your-loved-ones-safe-with-the-gps-personal-tracker 【theiphoneappreview.com Review*****】 - Locator365 is a great tool for tracking the whereabouts of an iPhone and/or iPad in real time without constant use of your GPS. If you are serious about GPS tracking, this is an app that is worth a look. - http://www.theiphoneappreview.com/2013/09/locator365-iphone-app-review Don’t miss out! A cost effective solution for remote tracking your concerned people and device Prevent missing persons. Save life Make your iPhone transform to a Smart GPS Cloud System Integrated with Google Map 【Locator365 – Remote Mobile Tracking, Routing Record】 - This App is monitoring software, you need install "Locator365" in the device which being monitored - Also, can install to your device, and then put into the listener - Lovely children - Family elder - Family members - Couple - Outdoors workers - Logistics and transportation vehicles team - iPhone / iPad / iPod which have the invaluable information - Outdoors activity travel records (e.g.: boat trips, cycling, climbing, hiking and other) 【Locator365 – Support Remote View the Tracking Data】 - Install "Locator365 Manager" for view the remote tracking data - "Locator365 Manager" Free! - Allow guardian remote manage the tracking data 【Locator365 – Prevent Missing Persons】 - Log the Date & Time - GPS Data - Location Address - Provide Route - Integrated with Google Map (4 display mode) 【Locator365 – Provide Emergency Help. Save Life】 - Instant issue an emergency help request to your family / friends / others - e.g Make Call, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo - Broadcast your location. Easy locate by others - Prevent hijack, Speed up the first aid time - Save Life 【Ease of Use, Fulfill your need】 - Concise interface, ease of use - Flexible setting (update interval: 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 / 60 mins) - Integrated with Google Map (4 display mode) - Provide administrator mode, protect setting - Support work in background mode, do not affect other apps. User can keep on calling, messaging, gaming… - Support work in offline. While no network connected, it will save the GPS data temporary. And will auto update after network connected 【Tips】 -Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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定位通365 - 云端远程手机追踪,行踪记录,防止人口失踪评论

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