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DIY搁板壁紙 – 个性化主屏幕货架用于图标和贴纸

DIY搁板壁紙 – 个性化主屏幕货架用于图标和贴纸

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Put your icons on shelves and organize them in a cute and decorative way with amazing new DIY Shelf Wallpaper Themes app. You can now easily Personalize Home Screen with Shelves for Icons and Stickers and make your wallpaper unique! You have multiple possibilities, so go on, choose your favorite background pic, original shelf design and cute stickers and customize your home screen for free! DIY Shelf Wallpaper Themes app Features:- Wide collection of HD background wallpapers.- Easy-to-use app interface for both iPhone and iPad.- Browse though app gallery quickly and choose your favorite theme.- Multiple shelf and frame designs to personalize your home screen.- Cute stickers for ultimate decoration.- Amazing 3D themes with vivid colors.- Save your background images to Photo Gallery.- Share with your friends on social networks; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Organize your icons with amazing shelf designs!DIY Shelf Wallpaper Themes app lets you Personalize Home Screen with Shelves for Icons and Stickers. You can now customize your background and organize icons the way it suits you the most! Choose among dozens of beautiful wallpaper images and then add amazing shelf designs and decorative stickers to make your home screen original. Add cute stickers and personalize your home screen!This brand new DIY Shelf Wallpaper Themes app is incredibly easy and fun to use: all you have to do is to slide up/down for wallpaper pics and left/right for beautiful shelves and stickers. There are so many combinations! You can be as creative as you want and create unique design for your home and lock screen! Go on and download this amazing new app right now, for free!Please note that the app functionality differs for iPad and iPhone. Namely, iPad version of the app only contains wallpapers, while iPhone version allows the use of all features: wallpapers, shelves and stickers.

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