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Do you have what it takes to be the TOUCHDOWN KID!=============================================FOOTBALL FANS, we're proud to present you the most amazing, outstading and unique Football Game of 2016!!!!- Amazing Graphics- Mesmerizingly simple and addictive. - HD sound effectsThe Touchdown Kid takes you to school. The School of Hard Knocks that is!◊ How to PlayControl your offense by running down the field, tilting and moving your device to avoid really nasty looking tacklers and collect coins as you do. But watch out, it's addictive. You will find yourself contorting and grunting and screaming, "Oh my God. Run. Run. Run!" while onlookers’ harrumph in disgust. Not recommended for play in church or in the doctor’s office waiting room. On defense you need to play smart, get in position to manipulate and slide a bunch of mean defensive guys in front of the evil ball carrier to stop him from scoring.The game lasts four minutes. In the case of a tie, there is two-minute overtime. The highest score wins. ◊ Football fans worldwide will love this game. Okay, maybe some of the football fans in other countries, who for some reason call “soccer” football, might be a bit dismayed when they download it and discover that it’s actually all about REAL football, but everyone else will love it. “Hey this isn’t football!” Yes it is!You are the home team; the visitor is your device. And you know how cool your device is, so you’d better get practicing if you want to kick some virtual football butt.◊ This game hits a home run.Oh wait, it's a football game. Okay, this game...umm...tackles you. Okay, forget the analogies. Just know that it's a very cool and challenging game. Run down the field and score, play tough defense, grab a lot of coins (so you can buy water, cuz you need water) and post your scores on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).Are you up for the challenge? Download now.

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