微信无法下载有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩,不过只要点击右上角选择在浏览器或Safari中打开就可以啦!
有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩

有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩

  • 大小:25.5M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
The nasty tummy bug is making your patient feel sick! Only you can save the patient. You will need to burst the nasty bacteria and create a blast radius to capture and destroy the deadly tummy bug bacteria! You’re running out of antidote, so using just one medicine at a time, drop it to create a blast radius chain reaction to wipe out as many of the deadly virus as you can! Destroy the deadly virus in 80 life saving puzzle arcade action levels and show no mercy! Features include: Fantastic graphics that will leave you bursting for more. Simple 1 button gameplay, anyone can play this game! Killer soundtrack! 80 levels of Virus busting puzzle arcade action. Dropping antidotes and creating chain reactions has never been so addictive! Have a riot curing the patient from these rotten pests! Save your patient and win the battle! Share your score on Facebook, Twitter or Game Center. 
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有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩评论

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    哈哈!费劲千辛万苦终于让我找到这个有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩了
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    找了好多网站,还是华军软件上下载的有点医学学校腹部医生 - 是医院和医生抢救病人。儿童游戏的女孩&男孩靠谱,页面清爽,可以隐藏推送,不会妨碍正常办公