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疯狂托儿所:有你想要的各种音乐 HD 免费版本

疯狂托儿所:有你想要的各种音乐 HD 免费版本

  • 大小:45.7M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
您有新任务了,这次的任务是阻止一个具有人工智能的机器人逃离房间,你可以用一切办法阻止他,甚至可以动用TNT炸弹和威力巨大的核武器(需要时可以购买)。总之这是一款设合所有年龄段的游戏,在游戏过程中可以更换您喜欢的各种背景音乐。赶快叫上你的小伙伴们一起玩吧。********This is the coolest, funniest nursery. Babies are dancing the Harlem Shake and they are challenging you to a cool strategy game. The rules are very simple: The Baby wants to exit the board and you are trying to avoid it. You win when you trap little cutie on one ground item. Sounds easy? Try it and you'll see that this little baby knows his stuff. He is going to outsmart you pretty quickly as you move up the levels and stages. But no worries, you can "Nuke" your way to victory by using the bombs. That is not fair, but who cares, right? To get the bombs just watch a quick video. Easy!!!Upgrades allow you to remove ads and to buy cool Harlem Shake style music.You can also compete with your friends. Try it and see how far you can go. Good luck!!!

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