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Lisn - 已同步的音乐聊天

Lisn - 已同步的音乐聊天

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"The joy that comes from listening to music with friends is something that’s been around ever since… well, ever since music. Lisn offers you a way to listen to music with a friend, no matter how far apart you are, and chat about it right in the app." — TechCrunch"You may remember meticulously crafting cassette mix tapes for love interests and close friends. Lisn is an app that wants to bring back the joy of sharing music with others."— The Daily Dot"Sharing is caring. And music is especially fun when you come together to enjoy. With Lisn, it doesn't matter how far apart two people are."— WIRED Magazine"Who has not shared a handset walkman with a friend to listen to a song together? Lisn lets you do exactly this."— ViaEmpresaMusic sharing on mobile sucks. You send a friend a track on iMessage, tell them how awesome it is, and wait for them to listen to it. But they just never do!With Lisn, you can share music and listen to it together: while chatting about it real-time! Think of it like sharing the AUX cord, but you don't have to be next to each other. But what if your friend is busy? Well, then we notify you when they're checking it out later so that you can jump in and both of you can now listen to it together.Some of the most fun experiences are from listening to music together: concerts, parties, you name it! Why should it be any different otherwise?--We currently support Spotify Premium and Soundcloud. We'll be adding Apple Music in a future update so that you can listen with more friends!

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