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Simplify organisation chart maintenance, presenting, synchorization and sharing, without the complexity of drawing hassles - OrgChart will help to draw the shapes and lay out the items automaticallyOrgChart is THE easy to use organisational chart app for the iPad. Visualize, maintain and simplify organisation items on a TREE structure. * There is NO NEED to DRAW the shapes, lay out and connect the items - OrgChart automatically draws them. Simply enter an item and the maintenance panel will helps to customize item color, shape, size, text visibility and layout - bring INTUITIVE and discoverable organisation chart maintenance experience to users.* Organisation charts can be exported as Image, MS Excel and PDF files, with content customization options. * Organisation charts can be sync across iOS and macOS devices via iCloud drive, and can be shared as .org files to other devices, via Email, Airdrop and third part cloud apps. * OrgChart supports to send people information to QuickPlan (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id621375878) as project member directly* Importing from iOS contacts AND batch inputing use makes the organisation items inputing easier, faster and more efficient. (ad) OrgChart is now available for macOS, please check out details at http://orgchartgo.com/apps/orgchartmacos (download the FREE TRIAL at http://OrgchartGo.com/trial to see how great it is).(ad) OrgChart for iPhone is separated, at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id948469929Feature video - http://youtu.be/yX1CkIQvix8Support - http://OrgChartGo.com/UI language: English; Data: Unicode (multiple languages)OrgChart the innovative app to turn COMPLEXITY INTO SIMPLICITY — EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE —· NO drawing, just specify the visual styles of the items· Nature gestures to layout out items, change item hierachy, sequence, zoom, collapse, expand and etc. · Batch input, importing from iOS contacts· The most smooth organisation chart app on a clean user interface· Apply visual style to all child items · In a clean user interface— STRONG MAINTENANCE —· Multiple organisation charts organized in tile groups · Maintain in outline and chart views· Organisation chart duplication and importing · Import organisation unit from iOS contact · Batch organisation unit inputing · Unit properties updating - Photo, Unit name, Job title, Leader, Phone, Email, Notes· Display organisation chart as colorful or black/white style · UNDO support · Copy/Paste support · User interface customization options to user — FLEXIBILITY —· Department fields title and visibility customization· Department fields visibility · Department item color · 9 layouts (customize the layout of child items) · 8 shapes· Size· 3 line styles - INTUITIVE - · Pinch to zoom · Double tap to edit unit properties · Long press to show function menu· Swipe left/right to change hierachy· Hold and move up/down to change sequence and move across groups· Tap with two fingers to collapse/expand all groups together— REPORTING —· Exporting full or partial organisation chart as image, Excel and PDF files (with PDF exporting options for PDF page size and zoom)· Exported as colorful or black/white (Automatically align with the current display color style)— SYNCHORIZATION —· Sync organisation charts across iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive- SHARING - · Export organisation charts as .org files for sharing· Share via Email, Airdrop and third party cloud appsTYPICAL SCENARIOS: - Create organisation chart for communication and presentation- An option to manage personal contacts in a tree structure- Change visual styles of existing organisation chart IN SECONDS, for different communication purposes - Export partial of a big organisation chart to present - Clean up the organisation charts of customers, vendors and etc. - Construct a project team / new department / new team - Track the basic information of people in your team

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    好极了,这个OrgChart 是我用过最好的商务办公了
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    这个版本的OrgChart 响应变快了!优化的真不错
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    这版OrgChart 竟然是免费软件,先下载试试,多谢分享。