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Othello Database is giving access to 119,339 games from 1,766 national and international tournaments covering the last 40 years*. You will get in your pocket the games of 3,236 players, including 533 players who participated to one of the last 40 world championships.Main features:- Go through the whole database by year and tournament- Select a player and load all his records from the last 40 years in half a second. No matter he was playing white or black. For each player you get his number of recorded games within the database, together with his performance rate. Players who participated to a world championship are bolded. You can rank the players by alphabetical order or by number of recorded games.- Go through any specific games at an amazing speed.- Get statistics about any configuration within half a second: How many times this configuration has been encountered among the 119,339 games? What were the favorite next moves of the players facing this configuration, and for which final outcome? For example, you will be amazed to catch a never-played-before move, leading to victory, made by a world-class level player …- Should I add elegance and simplicity as a main feature? Yes, because it strongly makes the difference when you spend time on it. Here, you will jump from one game to another, to another player, to another tournament, … so easily.- Options on board color, type of discs and starting move number, to fit your own preferences.With just a few bucks, you will definitely learn from the best players, having all these advanced games in your pocket. You will also better understand your errors, especially in the early stages of a game, … but not only.Worth 100 Othello books!*******************Othello Database is the 4th Othello app by Itchigoo:- Othello | Reversi: Elegant and powerful Othello app. Includes advanced online games.- Othello Puzzles: Find the winning endgame. More than 50K puzzles for download.- Anti-Othello: Same rules with opposite objectives. You win if you get the least number of discs. For crazy players only.******************** Data are freely downloadable by courtesy of the French Federation of Othello (http://www.ffothello.org/informatique/la-base-wthor/).

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