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超级英雄大逃亡:天神和人类保卫钢铁城之战 HD 免费版本

超级英雄大逃亡:天神和人类保卫钢铁城之战 HD 免费版本

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您有新任务了,这次的任务是阻止一个具有人工智能的机器人逃离房间,你可以用一切办法阻止他,甚至可以动用TNT炸弹和威力巨大的核武器(需要时可以购买)。总之这是一款设合所有年龄段的游戏,在游戏过程中可以更换您喜欢的各种背景音乐。赶快叫上你的小伙伴们一起玩吧。*******Our Super Hero was dropped in the middle of this weird Room, full of metal Tiles. His job is to get out of there as fast as possible. But he can only walk one tile at a time. Your job is to trap him on one of the tile until he can no longer move. You play one after each other. You tap on a tile to make it disappear, he moves over one tile (any direction) and so on... At first it'll seem very easy to trap him (Cool for kids who can replay any stage/level they want as many times as they want), but be careful, he might be forced to walk the tiles one by one, he is Super Smart and he will outsmart you unless you really concentrate and focus on your strategy. As you move up the levels, the room gets filed with more tiles which makes your job harder and harder. It is a great strategy Game and if you are a little bit competitive, you will want to beat this guy and go as far as you can to score as many points as possible. You know you are going to lose at one point, but it's ok. You can think of a different strategy and replay any level as many times as you want. Awesome, huh? Try to go as far as you can and then if you want more there's always a way to beat him: Buy the Bombs and Nuke your way into victory!!! Ha! Ha! You can also purchase different songs so you can listen to what you want as you play the game. Your turn... try it! Go as far as you can and compare your score with your friends. Have Fun!!!

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