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Sensory CineVox - 言语治疗

Sensory CineVox - 言语治疗

  • 大小:21.8M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:医疗应用
  • 系统:ios
CineVox是一种视觉刺激,简单而有趣,提高发声法和语音。 Cinevox言语治疗是一种游戏的工具,响应的声音。,随着CineVox你也可以产生惊人的有趣的图形效果,因为它响应任何声音。CineVox可以用来鼓励儿童声乐和声音,通过内部或通过麦克风和外接麦克风。有21个不同的视觉效果在CineVox,包括镜,螺旋,气泡,万花筒多。的影响改变颜色和形状与体积,这么响亮的声音,效果变化更多。---------------------------------CineVox is a visually stimulating, simple and fun app that improves vocalisation and speech. Cinevox is a speech therapy game tool that responds to sounds. With CineVox you can also produce amazing and fun graphic effects as it responds to any sounds. CineVox can be used to encourage children to vocalise and make sounds, either through the internal microphone or via and external microphone.There are 21 different visual effects in CineVox, including mirrors, spirals, bubbles, kaleidoscope and more.The effects change colour and shape with volume, so the louder the sound, the more the effect changes. Sounding fricatives (hissess, shhh etc) will change the display with additional effects. In some modes it gives a snowstorm effect, in others it makes your image black and white and in the hall of mirrors mode it further distorts your image.Connecting your iPad or iPhone over wifi to AppleTV improves the impact of CineVox by showing the effects on your big screen TV.Cinevox is a great app to complement our popular Sensory Speak Up speech therapy app game.CineVox is a fully switch accessible app and can be used by Bluetooth switch users. CineVox can be controlled by assistive technology switches that produce character codes (1, 2, 3, 4 & ~1, ~2, ~3, ~4) - all produce different changes. Bluetooth keyboards will also control the app.Switch 1 Simulate random touch on the screen.Switch 2 - Back commandSwitch 3 - Simulate random touch on the screen.Switch 4 - Next (clicking of right arrow).To join our enews list, see videos and more Sensory Apps visit www.sensoryapphouse.com

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