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英国联合王国 离线旅游指南和地图。城市观光 伦敦,纽约,曼彻斯特,爱丁堡

英国联合王国 离线旅游指南和地图。城市观光 伦敦,纽约,曼彻斯特,爱丁堡

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将英国联合王国?试试这个免费和离线旅游指南与城市, 景点,路线图,当地的价格,技巧和评论者加入 远足。 超过10000000旅客加入Hikersbay家庭,社区谁 使用我们的应用程序和共享的文章,评论,照片和建议。Going to 英国联合王国? Try this FREE & OFFLINE travel guide with cities,attractions, road map, local prices, tips and reviews added byhikers.Join Hikersbay family, community of more than 10 000 000 travelers whouse our apps and share articles, reviews, photos and recommendations.• Available in 15 languages.• 100% free and offline (no roaming charges)• Best mobile travel guide 2013 - ACS Awards Winner.This app offers you complete offline city guides for:伦敦, 纽约, 曼彻斯特, 爱丁堡, 利物浦, 利兹, 布里斯托尔, 纽约, 布赖顿, 浴, 纽卡斯尔 and other travel destinations in 英国联合王国.Features of the 英国联合王国 Travel Guide by Hikersbay:• Top cities & regions in 英国联合王国• List of attractions with multi-language descriptions and photos• Currency converter & local prices comparison (71 curriencies)• 14 days weather forecast with offline mode• Travel reviews & social recommendation• Multiple languages supported (15 languages)• Best Trips, Adventures, and To Do• Cheap hotel booking and car hireWhat people say:• "Very handy. For years when I toured Paris, I lugged around a foldedpaper city map. Later I toured with a small thick book of arr.maps.Now it's on my pad!"• "Awesome! This app provides all the things you need. No agresiveadds and doesn't need network connection at all. Really helpful."• "Absolutely good. When we had our vacation in Hong Kong it reallyhelps me a lot. I recommend this apps to people who want to go to HK.Great work!"• "Great app, easy to use. Try to use this application for great guidegoing to different places you like." With this app you get access to FREE guided walking tour around the most important and characteristic places in: London, York like: Houses of Parliament, Yorkshire and The Humber , Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Oxford Street, River Thames, The range of free services may vary.

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英国联合王国 离线旅游指南和地图。城市观光 伦敦,纽约,曼彻斯特,爱丁堡评论

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    试了一下这个英国联合王国 离线旅游指南和地图。城市观光 伦敦,纽约,曼彻斯特,爱丁堡,感觉还行,在旅行应用里算很好用的了