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破珠摩宝 HD (试用版)

破珠摩宝 HD (试用版)

  • 大小:24.5M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
★ Winter Special 80% SALES for FULL ver. ★★ ONLY 99¢ for limited time ★ ▶ 现存的最容易让人上瘾的拼图游戏 ! ◀ QUOTES from Customers ______________________ ★★★★★ Awesome game and very fun to play. Excellent graphics too! Well done! - Sherry (Android User) ★★★★★ Great game - … Extremely addicting Beautifully presented and looks great with retna display… Buy it, you will be happy with it. - Kyle Sloane ★★★★★ very good - I normally like Rpgs,but this is a very nice change and mind boggling all at the same time; - Robbio3939393939 ★★★★★ Hours Of fun - This a great game and hours of entertainment. So fun I was late for work and got suspend for 1 day. Came home and continued to play for the rest of the. - Oh-well ______________________ 小心!这是易碎的彩珠。这些漂亮的珠儿让人体味到很多乐趣。尝试“破珠摩宝(Puzzle Marble)”多玩多能,是本游戏的最大优点!这是暂时也不能放下的EXCITING游戏。四种不同的玩法,如此:[CLASSIC] - 把同色连堆的相邻彩珠捅一下。 - 尽可能多地配对而引爆彩珠。[ACTION] (60 hours limit) - 你必需约1秒内打破2个以上的彩珠连堆,成功后你开始得到速度奖励。- 留意机会做出大型彩珠配对。争取机会做出4或5连堆,可做出大型引爆为你赢取大量积分。[GRAVITY] (for Full Version) - 要打破的彩珠,都没有了吗?倾斜你的iPhone,就可以获得了![PUZZLE] - 36个难题来测试你的空间知觉能力。- 清除画面上的所有彩珠,就可以解锁更高的水平。- 移动少意味着更多的星星。 - 尝试做出最佳的动作。[特点]✓ 三种难度:4~6种彩色。 ✓ 撤消和评分预览 (Classic Mode) ✓ 全球排行榜和成就 (Apple's Game Center提供) ✓ 美丽而精致的设计✓ 愉快的音乐和声音 _______________________________▶ THE MOST ADDICTIVE PUZZLE EVER ! ◀ ☻ BEAUTIFUL marbles ☻ SOPHISTICATED design ☻ EXHILARATING music ☻ GREATLY addictive play modes ☻ WONDERFUL puzzles __________________Be careful! Fragile marbles on the floor. These beautiful marbles are ready to give you great pleasure. Pop them as many as you can. Yes, it's easy! But if you want to clear all the marbles on the floor, oh, it's not so easy. The more you play, you'll find your own strategy to make more scores! Try Puzzle Marble, it'll be your unputdownable game. FOUR DIFFERENT MODEs TO PLAY: CLASSIC - Tap on clusters of the same colored marbles. - The larger cluster, the more scores you gain. - Try to clear all marbles, and get 200 bonus points! ACTION (60 hours limit) - New marbles drop down from the top to fill empty spaces. - You have 1 minute to gain scores. - Pop a bigger cluster, and extend remaining time. GRAVITY (for Full Version) - No more cluster to pop? Tilt your iPhone to slide marbles to left, right or up. New cluster can be found! - Play in any direction. - Uh-oh, tilting right then right is not the same as tilting up. ;) PUZZLE - 9 puzzles to test your spatial perception (36 for Full Version) - Clear all marbles on the floor to unlock the next level. - Moving less means more stars. - Try to make the optimal moves. FEATURES ✪ Difficulty option of 4, 5, 6 marbles. ✪ Undo and score preview (Classic Mode) ✪ Global Leader-board and Achievement with Apple's Game Center ✪ Beautiful marbles and sophisticated design ✪ Exhilarating music and sound_____________ Follow US @blueonionsoft Watch US http://youtube.com/blueonionsoft.com Contact US support@blueonionsoft.com

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    破珠摩宝 HD (试用版) 非常好用,速度快,功能强,用起来就是爽,本人极力推荐
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