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时尚的街独轮疯狂促 - 4399小游戏下载主题qq大厅捕鱼达人手机斗地主欢乐7k7k双大全免费单机炫舞腾迅冒险类安卓切水果

时尚的街独轮疯狂促 - 4399小游戏下载主题qq大厅捕鱼达人手机斗地主欢乐7k7k双大全免费单机炫舞腾迅冒险类安卓切水果

  • 大小:37.0M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
今天下载这个游戏!Show your ninja moves in this legendary game! Play Funky Street Slasher Madness now!Funky Street Slasher Madness is a simple but addictive swipe and slash game. Test your ninja skills and prove that you are the ultimate samurai. With your fingers acting as sword and knife, survive the deadliest game with the best experience in your mobile phones and gadgets.Be blown away by the amazing game play that will make you come back for more and get higher score. Join the fun now and download Funky Street Slasher Madness!FEATURES:* Amazing and very addictive game play* High quality graphics with the best gaming experience* Exciting game modes that will rock your world: arcade, classic, and zen mode* Game Center leaderboard and social media enabled to compete with friends* Various combination of power ups available to help you get high scores* Choose from different characters, swords and cutting-edge wallpapers that will work for youPlay this amazing game. Download Funky Street Slasher Madness now!

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时尚的街独轮疯狂促 - 4399小游戏下载主题qq大厅捕鱼达人手机斗地主欢乐7k7k双大全免费单机炫舞腾迅冒险类安卓切水果评论

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