微信无法下载纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事,不过只要点击右上角选择在浏览器或Safari中打开就可以啦!
纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事

纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事

  • 大小:32.2M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
Do you want to see a cool chicken on skates? Watch and be stunned as a super amazing tiny chicken makes its way towards the farm aboard a cool skateboard! Pure Chicken Farm Skate – A Tiny Barn Animal Skateboarding Race Story is the riveting and definitely enjoyable endless jumping game that will let you witness a one-of-a-kind skateboarding race where the player is a farm chicken! Make it jump as it skates its way around the farm. But, be careful! There are pipes that may block his way and stop his way into farm stardom! Help him jump as he encounters these huge pipes so he can go on! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Tap the screen to make the chicken jump. Tap at the right time so the chicken can jump up on the hurdle and not get hit by it. Collect prizes along the way for added points! It’s a fun jumping game you and your family can always enjoy? Can you help keep the chicken jump for a longer time? The super cool Pure Chicken Farm Skate – A Tiny Barn Animal Skateboarding Race Story is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Features: •Attractive graphics and fun sound effects •Great-looking farm chicken on skates character •Challenging gameplay •Game Center

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纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事评论

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    实在没想到我下载个纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事又给我安装了很多其它套餐。。无语
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    正在等待纯养鸡场滑冰 - 一个微小的谷仓动物玩滑板种族的故事下载完毕,为了能够遇到一个符合我预期的动作游戏软件,真是费了老劲了。