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国际 标志 键盘 - 背景 漂亮,字体 与 世界 各国 国旗

国际 标志 键盘 - 背景 漂亮,字体 与 世界 各国 国旗

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Are you into keyboarding? Customize your typing with flag keyboards that will show your patriotism! More than 20 world flags will serve as backgrounds on your keyboard!Cheer and support your country in sport events with these backgrounds and key styles! Download the ultimate keyboard app, completely FREE of charge and explore the options! We made a user-friendly interface, so you can browse with ease! So, choose and set the flag of your country from our themes, and start tapping!************Features************** Our Emoji Keyboard is Super Easy to Use.* Select from Many Colorful Background Patterns.* We offer a Quick Message Option.* Plenty of Stickers, Symbols, Emojis Available!* Browse Through Keyboard Skins For Retina Display.* Tons of Colorful Text Fonts and Key Styles.* You Get To Select Language, Themes, Shortcuts* Super-Cool Different Sounds For Keys!* Share your design online on major social networks! Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, TurkishWorld Flag Themes: USA, Japan, Vietnam, Britain, China, France, Germany, Italy,Canada, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Sweden,Thailand, Australia, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Switzerland,Austria, South Africa************Special Features*************Besides amazing flag themes that help you personalize your phone, we make it ease for you to write your text messages! Our keyboards offer the additional row with numbers and a full stop. Also! You'll get a quick message option! No, we are not talking about auto correct option. Write an automatic response, select a number for it and send it just by tapping on the number! You can use this option whenever you are in a hurry. Or, whenever you feel lazy to type.*******Endless ways to beautify your keyboard*****You are probably used to themes with water drop effect, or completely blank backgrounds! Now, something completely different comes from our store! The season of football matches is arriving! So, select the flag of your country and set it on your keyboard! You can't be more patriotic than that! We offer flags of most of world countries, so get this universal flag keyboard and set it on your phone!And if you are emoji-addict, don't worry! We have you covered. You can find heaps of emoticons that will add expression to your text messages! ******Let's talk numbers*******We offer 16 backgrounds and each is a special snowflake! You can also get that old-timey look on your keyboards! Combine your favorite background with more than 20 key colors! Select from the huge color spectrum and embellish your phone! Whenever you want to change the style of your font, you can! Get one from our collection of 20 fonts and 10 key styles and type away! And if you like to hear heptic sounds, select from 15 sounds!

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