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iPad 魔术眼动物测验

iPad 魔术眼动物测验

  • 大小:20.5M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
"魔术眼动物测验" is the Chinese localization of the "Magic Eye Animal Quiz" game. This is a quiz which invites you to test your ability “look into” 3D stereograms. Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another picture. In order to view the 3D images, simply stare at the picture until the image starts to take shape. You need to answer what is hidden within current picture. Game consists of 60 stereograms. Each stereogram question has 4 possible answers. When you tap one of the answers, the default color of the pressed button is changed to green (when it was the right answer) or to red (wrong answer). You have 3 attempts to give the right answer. If you give it at the first attempt you will receive 3 points, at the second attempt - 2 points, at the third - 1 point. Please take into account – some people cannot see hidden stereogram images!

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    感觉还不错,iPad 魔术眼动物测验3比上个版本要好的多
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