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自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone

自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone

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Personalize your mobile phone with the most beautiful sound from nature! Now your ringing tone can be one of the most unique sound effects from nature that you will enjoy every time you hear it! Go on and listen to the whole compilation of tunes, tones and effects and use the ones you like the most! With these ringing sounds you will always be able to recognize your phone ringing even in a room full of people! *** Nature Ringtones & Sound Effects features: ***12 natural ringtones for your phones you will love!Sound effects for texts, notification alerts & ringtones! Top ringtone collection with different sound from nature!Listen to and set new ringing tone with this useful app!Now you can have your own custom ringing tones from nature! Download and install this tune compilation and feel like you are lying somewhere in nature every time someone calls you! Choose one of the sound such as wind sounds, water, rain, thunder and so much more! You will love this unusual collection of ringtones that will brig the freshness straight to your devices and your lives!*** The best collection of sounds from nature! ***Set one of these 12 sounds as your default ringing tone and even use different tunes and melodies for certain contacts! You can use these effects to set new ringing tones for your messages and notifications and don't forget about your alarm and email notifications! Once you hear these relaxing tones you will realize that they affect your mind much better than the loud and annoying ones! Try it now and see for yourself!*** Have the most amazing ringing tunes! ***Are you bored with your old ringing melodies? Then try our natural tones from all around the world and connect with nature in an unusual way! Who said that you cannot have apart of nature with you even if you are living in a city? Download this collection for free, listen to all the amusing ringtones and choose the one you find calming and soothing! Once you start using this app you will use it forever!

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自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone评论

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    超级喜欢使用自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone,这次下载自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone1.1非常快速,还是最新版本,大力推荐
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    这个自然鈴聲和聲音效果 – 大自然短信铃声和旋律为iPhone好用么,相比上个版本变化大不大,我看安装包大小都已经这么大了了
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