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放松自然的声音 – 环境音乐为凝思和深度睡眠

放松自然的声音 – 环境音乐为凝思和深度睡眠

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Relaxing Sounds of Nature – Ambient Music For Meditation and Deep Sleep offers you a wonderful collection of gentle and soothing sounds which will take you to the world of your most beautiful dreams. Download this lovely app, share it with your dearest friends and enjoy top nature sounds right now, completely free of charge!Relaxing Sounds of Nature Feature:Great choice of relaxing melodies for meditation.Choose among various beautiful nature sounds Browse through the collection and choose the melody you like the most.Play it on repeat for as many hours as you want!Easy to set and adjust the volume. The best white noise sounds for sleep and meditation!It is hard to find a person that does not like the sound of beach waves crashing against the shore, because being in nature, surrounded only by sounds of nature, gives a feeling of overwhelming calm that we rarely experience in urban surroundings. Relaxing Sounds of Nature – Ambient Music For Meditation and Deep Sleep is meant to provide calm atmosphere and you will absolutely love them!should do the trick. Hush baby and sleep tight, we wish you night – night!If you have trouble sleeping or need to find a way to relax after a busy day, this tranquil and soothing sounds These wonderful tunes are just what you need to to fall asleep calm and relaxed every night! These wonderful melodies will help you fall asleep and reduce stress. Relaxing Sounds of Nature are available for free download; however, only several melodies can be played for free. To get more amazing white noise sounds, you can purchase them online,separately or the entire package. In case you are not interested into these options, disable this in-app purchase.

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