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ToDo 日历 - 任务管理、项目规划、购物清单

ToDo 日历 - 任务管理、项目规划、购物清单

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*** Limited time offer: 50%OFF ****** Ad Free ***TodoCal lets you manage, organize and control your daily tasks.Here's how it works...1) Organize your tasks.- Add everything you need to work on as to-dos & sub-to-dos.- Rearrange them with a simple drag & drop.2) Plan & schedule your week.- Long press a to-do, then drag & drop to the date you are planning to work on.3) Clear today's tasks.- Tap on today's to-do and check what needs to be done by the end of the day.- Start executing. Take notes, rearrange tasks, mark the ones you have finished.- At the end of the day, check your achievements, and remove left overs. Assign it to a different day or return it back to the stack.4) Track your achievements.- Swipe through the calendar to check your daily achievements.- Keep readjusting your workload to improve work efficiency, and maximize achievements.

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ToDo 日历 - 任务管理、项目规划、购物清单评论

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    请问各位把ToDo 日历 - 任务管理、项目规划、购物清单下载到电脑使用该怎么下啊。请帮忙,谢谢
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    这款ToDo 日历 - 任务管理、项目规划、购物清单软件很不错啊,最新版本新增的功能简直不要太厉害,以后会不会有更惊喜的功能。