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唠叨脑筋急转弯 - 玩记忆力大有裨益与竞争逻辑的益智游戏

唠叨脑筋急转弯 - 玩记忆力大有裨益与竞争逻辑的益智游戏

  • 大小:37.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
The very most amazing and incredible tool of the human being, our brain, is now in front of a new challenge. Due to our passion for brain trainer apps, we decided to develop the ultimate challenge brain app of 2016: Annoying Brain: The New Teaser!Annoying Brain is the new game to get frustrated: it is perceived as a game of patience and focus, even if it's very challenging and exciting. The game-play of this game evolves around the idea of "think first before you click"; this is how you can train and improve your brain ability to focus.

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唠叨脑筋急转弯 - 玩记忆力大有裨益与竞争逻辑的益智游戏评论

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    唠叨脑筋急转弯 - 玩记忆力大有裨益与竞争逻辑的益智游戏帮我了很大忙,感谢华军软件园