微信无法下载激光扫描QR码阅读器和条形码扫描仪应用程序 - QRCode的阅读,价格标签和照片,不过只要点击右上角选择在浏览器或Safari中打开就可以啦!
激光扫描QR码阅读器和条形码扫描仪应用程序 -  QRCode的阅读,价格标签和照片

激光扫描QR码阅读器和条形码扫描仪应用程序 - QRCode的阅读,价格标签和照片

  • 大小:10.0M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
Laser Scan Best QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner App is the fastest, most user-friendly and reliable QR code scanner available. HOW THE APP WORKSTo scan a QR code simply open the app, point the camera at the code. There is no need to take a photo or press a button. QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code your camera is pointing at.When scanning a QR code, if the code contains a website URL, you will automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you'll immediately see it.EXTRA FEATURES• View a history list of all of your past scans• Sync your scan history across the web and all of your devices• A button to turn on your device’s light (if it has one) for scanning in low-light circumstances

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激光扫描QR码阅读器和条形码扫描仪应用程序 - QRCode的阅读,价格标签和照片评论

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    实用工具软件终于让我找到一款不错的软件,以后就认准激光扫描QR码阅读器和条形码扫描仪应用程序 - QRCode的阅读,价格标签和照片了
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