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★ 中国区App Store教育类别获得苹果“新品推荐”! ★★ 支持全新iPad(Retina分辨率)! ★秦始皇帝陵原名“丽山”,地处今西安市临潼区城东。陵园名“丽山园”,面积56.25平方公里。陵园规模宏大,历时38年建造,用工70余万人次。陵园建制“若都邑”,一切体现“事死如事生”的丧葬理念。陵园埋葬丰富,陵内“珍宝之藏,机械之变,棺椁之丽,宫馆之盛,不可胜原。”考古发现大型地面建筑遗址十多处,大型陪葬坑、陪葬墓、修陵人墓等600余座,出土重要文物五万余件。* New & Notewothy apps in Education category in China! ** Supports the new iPad (Retina Display)! *Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum was initially named “lishan”, located on the east of Lintong. According to the historical records, the mausoleum has started to be planed when he ascended the throne at the age of 13. The enormous project has lasted for 38 years; over 700,000 labours were summoned to construct the mausoleum. According to the historical records, a great amount of priceless treasures, the ingenious machines, and magnificent palaces, made Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum different from any other Mausoleum. Archaeological investigation shows: The mausoleum is grand in size and rich in burial objects. It covers an area of 56.25 square kilometers. Around the tumulus, over 600 sites have been discovered, including the ruins of the surface buildings, the burial pits with different contents, as well as the subordinate tombs. Furthermore, over 50,000 cultural relics have been unearthed from these sites. Therefore experts think: all these things that the emperor needed in his real life was required in his afterlife. The mausoleum is an underground reproduction of the earth world.

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