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看板提醒事项 is inspired by the Kanban, Scrum and Agile management methodologies. It provides a simple way to display and organize your reminders on a task board. 看板提醒事项 aims to increase your productivity by applying the principles of Kanban—a scheduling system based on principles that include workflow visualization and limiting of the number of items that are work-in-progress. ◆ ◆ ◆ 看板提醒事项 features include ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Display existing reminders Existing reminders are displayed on task boards. Reminders are imported onto a new board by placing them in the Backlog column. Any existing reminders that are completed are placed in the Completed column. The reminders can be moved between columns as they are progressed. ◆ Create new tasks New tasks can be created directly on the board by tapping the New Task button. These new cards will also appear in the Reminders app on the iPad and other devices connected to iCloud if enabled in iOS settings. ◆ Drag and drop Drag and drop your reminders between columns. Placement is flexible and not locked into hard fixed positions. ◆ Change the pin color Each reminder has an associated pin color. The color can be changed by tapping on the pin. The app will remember the latest color you select and will use that color for any new reminders created on the board. Pins can also be hidden by tapping until the pin disappears. ◆ Mark reminders complete Reminders are marked complete when placed in the last column. ◆ Remove tasks Tasks can be removed by dragging to the rubbish bin. ◆ Change board and column titles The board titles and column titles are configurable. ◆ iOS Reminders integration 看板提醒事项 integrates with iOS Reminders by utilizing some of the latest features made available in iOS 6. Note: This app requires access to Reminders. The difference between the free version and the paid/upgraded version is that the free version only has support for two task boards, including the default reminders list as a task board. The paid version supports multiple task boards and reminder lists. The paid version also has support for different colors and background images. “Install now and start using a more efficient approach to productivity. For meetings, be sure to use the iPad’s Airplay Mirror support to show and share your task boards on the big screen!” - Jim Conroy, CEO, Softwhere - 5 Stars!

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