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红衣女皇 Red Queen 3D: Sky Run

红衣女皇 Red Queen 3D: Sky Run

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故事一位美丽的女皇运用魔力统御自己的王国。然而随着黑暗领主所率领的死亡团的逼近,她的王国收到严重的威胁。为了能够抵御这些敌人, 她需要采集有神秘力量的宝石并且发掘元素的秘密。唯一能够找到这些宝石的方法就是找到通往天空的途径。STORYA beautiful goddess regina queen rules and protects her kingdom with magic, power and virtues in a fantasy apocalypse world. However, a horde of dead zombie army approach her kingdom leading by the powerful dark lord. The queen's people need her help to save their life. In order to defend against these enemies, she need to collects treasures including ruby gems which possess mysterious power to restore her magic, and discover the secrets of the elements. The only way to get these gems is to find a path to reach the sky, the queen has no choice but start her quests immediately. The battle with darklord will begin soon.GAMEGoddess queen is first of series of 3D action free games with best mobile graphics. You play the goddess queen, beautiful, hot and powerful. Start from inner castle queen throne scene to beautiful sky scene. Game control is really simple, swipe to use teleportation magic, press fire to fire frozen shot to break obstacles, jump to dodge obstacles. Press right side screen to increase the running speed of the queen, press left to slow down the goddess queen. You can run in 3 separate lanes following straight line, use your magic to run as long as possible.FEATURESAll models including this pretty regina queen girl model are built using cutting edge 3d modeling toolsPowered by popular Unity game engine.Classic runner game.Greek styled castle.Apocalypse world to fight with dead army.Completely free game, no in app purchase whatsoever.Easy game controls and pure fun.Awesome 3D Environment with Dynamic Lighting & Creepy Shadows.Storytelling like a movie.Exciting animations and cool 3D effects, photo realistic background sceneTop-tier HD graphics with great performance on your device.Up ComingThere will be more games coming for goddess queen and other characters. Our goddess regina queen will be fighting in dark forest, her castle, her throne, with dark lord and with dragons. The dragon battle will be most significant battle ever.About Mobility ArtsWe aim to build next level free games and make our player have more fun.

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    红衣女皇 Red Queen 3D: Sky Run就是好用!呵呵,我喜欢这个动作游戏
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