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飞机小战士 : 建造飞机,加入射击战斗的趣味儿童游戏

飞机小战士 : 建造飞机,加入射击战斗的趣味儿童游戏

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“注意注意!请各位小飞行员驾驶自己的飞机,准备出战!” 儿童版的迷你飞机设计游戏。让宝宝建造和设计自己的飞机,再驾驶它战斗!发挥儿童创造力和动手能力,锻炼大脑!Build a plane! Then take it for a flight challenge!- Funny alien creatures will block your flight path! Shoot them down with your ninja rays!- Collect money on the way, the longer your flight path, the more you SCORE!- Build an even better plane with the money you collect!- Planes get dirty on their flights, so repair your plane and clean it if there is rust.- So many different planes for you to choose to ride in for your crazy tap journey!Captain! It is time to take on these crazy little monsters on your flight journey! Help your plane get as far as it can go and collect as many points as possible! Get the highest score amongst your friends and prove yourself as the ultimate tap flight WINNER. Test your flight repair skills! Your plane might break down from its crazy flight or get dirty & rusty! Use your mechanic skills to rescue your plane! Spend the money you have collected on your flight adventures and create an even more fantastic plane! How to play:- Tap to select your favourite plane ride- Swipe to build, repair & clean your airplane! - Tap to begin your flight journey! - Tap on the touch screen multiple times to shoot down your monster enemies!- Test your accuracy, speed and skillIt's time to FLY captain! Tap on the screen now to get started! Download it, its free! {Kids Free Games}Our team has created a video just for you! Come see it on YouTube http://youtu.be/RkdUvffMir4 for more fun games!--FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HUGS N HEARTS--Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hug-n-Hearts/695324273886810Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Hug_n_HeartsVisit our web page at http://www.hugsnhearts.com/ to find more games!

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