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Swiss Forex Trader for iPad

Swiss Forex Trader for iPad

  • 大小:13.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:金融财务
  • 系统:ios
可用于ipad最具创新性的外汇交易平台!益于IPad的大显示屏的特点,可以让您在同一时间接收到更多更全面的信息。请享受具有以下特点 的iPad应用带给您的体验:-实时,稳定的连接与服务器-最低点差 (从0.5点起)-ECN 流动性
(包括stop / limit / bid 和 offer )-OCO / 合并功能性-可以接入交易报表-自定义指数:运用 iTunes文件共享添加您所需的指数到您的 iOS设备。大型集合的外汇工具包括:-带有技术分析的实时图表-外汇市场新闻-经济日历-外汇电视-每日高/低点-实力派(外汇市场动态)-支点位为了能让您能在任何地方进行交易,这个应用程序支持Edge/3G/Wi-Fi 类型的链接 ,其具有根据不同链接速度调节数据量的自动连接功能尝试此APP您需要瑞士银行外汇市场交易帐号。DISCLAIMER: This application is part of the SWFX Marketplace Trading System and can be used to access LIVE and DEMO accounts. Any information provided by the application does not constitute a forecast of the market value of any instrument at any time and is not an investment advice or recommendation in any form. Users of the platform must keep in mind that means of trading never eliminate, reduce, or even alter market risks, that is, the risk arising from price fluctuations, changes or jumps. While the efficient use of an electronic means of trading may improve the management of several aspects of risk present in the investment process, it has no effect on the nature of the risk itself. As a result, users are strongly encouraged to review their internal risk management procedures in order for them to fully understand and integrate the potential implications of the use of any electronic means for trading. Users of the application must fully understand the operational risks inherent to the use of electronic means of trading. Although the features and operational environment of the application are optimized, improved, and tested, some residual risk may remain. Operational risks include, but are not limited to: Technical failures, loss of phone network, human failures, communication failures and other.

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    下载完Swiss Forex Trader for iPad 以后提示有毒?是我电脑的问题还是软件的问题啊,不应该有这种情况。
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    之前找了其他的与这个Swiss Forex Trader for iPad 类似的软件,唯独这个满意,而且还是免费软件