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Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!

Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!

  • 大小:26.6M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
~ A BRAND NEW & EXCITING matching puzzle game that is sure to entertain you and your family! ~~ Swap BEAUTIFUL GEMS into winning shapes to clear as many gems as possible and earn a high score! ~*** ADDICTIVE GAME FEATURES ***- BEAUTIFUL GEM tiles will sure make you fall in love & keep the fun flowing!- CLEAR as many gems as possible to achieve high score!- DISCOVER Magical Gems by combo clear multiple gems!- EASY TO LEARN but hard to MASTER! Let’s see if you have what it takes to achieve the highest score and dominate the score board.- BEAUTIFUL backgrounds and enjoyable music to accompany you along the game!What are you waiting for? Let’s download now!TIME IS RUNNING OUT! You need to solve this puzzle. The objective of the game is to move the gems around and create squares of 4 or straight lines of 6 of the same color either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Also moving the same colored gems in all 4 corners will earn you points.Great game play with lots of action. Strategise well to combo clear the gems and spawn magical gems that will help you earn higher score. But don’t take too long, because when the time runs out, one of the gems will be locked and cannot be moved around anymore. 5 locked gems and the game is over.Gemini Gem is totally challenging and keeps you entertained for hours to come! Gemini Gem is the BEST & AWESOME looking matching game for your iPhone. Download now & JOIN THE GEMINI GEM COMMUNITY TODAY!

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Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!评论

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    太感谢了,终于有网站可以下载Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!了,还没用,试过之后再来评论
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    非常不错,Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!良心,已经很难找到这么好的动作游戏软件了
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    问下大家这个Gemini Gem - 快节奏, 手指操, 大脑工作, 反射及策略, 比赛3 益智游戏!是否是官方提供的最新的1.1吗?