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!Vector Paint

!Vector Paint

  • 大小:12.6M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
付费版本也已经推出。VectorPaint是矢量图的应用程序从头开始为iPad设计的。它支持路径,复合路径,文本,图像,团体,口罩,渐变填充和无限数量的层。VectorPaint在设计时考虑到性能 - 它可以方便地与数百至数千形状的图形处理不陷入泥淖。直接出口完成的插图到你的Dropbox作为SVG或PDF 。产品特点:•非常高的性能。选择,缩放和旋转上百个对象的零滞后。•创建使用钢笔工具任意贝塞尔路径。•创建复合路径,口罩和组。•创建文本对象。•地方从您的相册的照片。•布尔运算符的路径(联合,相交,排除,减去前)•强大的缩放和旋转工具。•渐变填充画布交互式编辑。•任意行程虚线样式。•样本库。•按图纸无限层。•重新命名,重新排列,删除,隐藏和锁定图层。•调整图层透明度。•对齐网格,点和路径边缘。•隔离有源层,以方便编辑。•电子邮件图纸为SVG , PDF , PNG和JPEG 。•直接发送SVG , PDF ,PNG和JPEG格式到你的Dropbox 。VectorPaint is a vector illustration app designed from scratch for the iPad. It supports paths, compound paths, text, images, groups, masks, gradient fills, and an unlimited number of layers.VectorPaint was designed with performance in mind – it can easily handle drawings with hundreds to thousands of shapes without bogging down. Export your finished illustrations directly to your Dropbox as SVG or PDF.Features:• Very high performance. Select, scale and rotate hundreds of objects with zero lag.• Create arbitrary bezier paths with the Pen tool.• Create compound paths, masks and groups.• Create text objects.• Place photos from your albums.• Boolean operators on paths (Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Subtract Front)• Powerful scale and rotate tools.• Gradient fills with interactive editing on canvas.• Arbitrary stroke dash patterns.• Swatch library.• Unlimited layers per drawing.• Rename, rearrange, delete, hide and lock layers.• Adjust layer transparency.• Snap to grid, points, and path edges.• Isolate the active layer for easy editing.• Email drawings as SVG, PDF, PNG and JPEG.• Send SVG, PDF, PNG, and JPEG directly to your Dropbox.This application use GPL license, so, source code without graphics materials are available on our www site.

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