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! 玩具熊 - 我的虚拟宠物会说话的动物

! 玩具熊 - 我的虚拟宠物会说话的动物

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Talking Baby Bear takes you on an adventure with a talking teddy bear on your iPod/ iPad/iPhone. Download this new, cool game and play dress up games with a 3D baby teddy bear!Do you still have your old teddy bear on your bed or somewhere in your room? You are never too old to have a new one; this time, on your phone or tablet. And this one is a talking teddy bear, just like talking cat and others. You and bear will become best talking friends. So while you play with it, you won't be the only one doing the talking! This fun game for kids is an excellent pastime game for boys and girls of any age. Check it out! Download my virtual pet talking app and enjoy playing with your new bear friend. Talking Baby Bear is one of those talking games which you will want to show off as much as possible. It is a fun game for toddlers and kids due to its dress up feature. Talking cat, parrot or dog will be out of question once you start talking and playing with your baby bear. Kids love talking animals, but don't we all? Download the game and start your own little bear story!Try out the game features:◆ This is a teddy bear that talks and repeats what you say◆ Give teddy a name and you can say 'He's my virtual pet' ◆ Press the kiss icon to get a bear kiss◆ Press the flower icon to see the cute bear smell a flower◆ Choose the dress up icon and play dress up games with your teddy bear. Make sure you choose the right background to fit the looks◆ Poke, pet and tickle the bear to see what it can do◆ Talk to your little bear and it will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.Teddy bears are a part of childhood most of us share. If you are tired of talking cat apps, try out some other talking animals games. Talking Baby Bear will be your new favorite and it's a talking app for kids and adults. Just because you might be too old to play with actual stuffed animals, it doesn't mean you can't do it in a 3D game. Don't hesitate! Download the talking app to your iPod/ iPad/iPhone and play the baby teddy bear game for as long as you like!▶ ▶ ▶ This game is an intellectual property of Peaksel – copyright 2016 ◀ ◀ ◀

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