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Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏

Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏

  • 大小:12.3M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
成为滑雪高手帮助汤米是在雪地上最快的猫!以完成所有的时间级别的挑战!滑梯,跳和有乐趣的滑雪板,但要小心不要打雪太硬,当你背下来,并没有放慢!送最真棒的游戏准备:在雪地汤米!========================================== Become the master of snowboarding helping Tommy be the fastest cat on snow! Take the challenge of completing all the levels in time!Slide, jump and have fun snowboarding, but be careful not to hit the snow too hard when you back down and don't slow down!- "one simple touch" game, but soooo addicting!- available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.- jump and slide perfectly and get the highest score!Get ready for the most awesome game: TOMMY ON SNOW!

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Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏评论

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    Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏1.1真的很好用哦,虽然我是第一次使用Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏,但我已经深深的爱上了你,哈哈哈
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    我不会下载Tommy On Snow Free: 帮助汤米走的快,跳得更高。儿童和成人的好游戏怎么办啊,谁能帮帮我。
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