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蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光

蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光

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Create a safe and relaxing ambiance from your phone with a click – no matches needed.You might have noticed that other candle apps just show an image or animation of a candle, but the effect they give doesn't come at all close to a real candle. This app is different because it uses a carefully calibrated algorithm to simulate the lighting effects of a real candle. If you point your phone at a wall or some other surface you'll be able to see shadows move and the light flicker gently and naturally. You can also change the color for a variety of moods.Note that smaller iOS devices in particular don't give off as much light as a real candle, so this app won't light your room but the effect does come close.We hope you like it!

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    蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光非常的好 谁用谁知道 建议下载
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    好桑心,用了其它的实用工具软件后,回过头发现还是这个蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光最适合我了。。
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    找蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光好久了,终于在华军软件找到了,而且还是蜡烛 - 虚拟烛光最新版本,好给力