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Tao Te Ching/道德经 - Sinology/华夏国学5

Tao Te Ching/道德经 - Sinology/华夏国学5

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The Tao Te Ching, Daodejing, Dao De Jing, or Daode jing (simplified Chinese: 道德经; traditional Chinese: 道德經; pinyin: Dàodéjīng), also simply referred to as the Laozi (Chinese: 老子; pinyin: Lǎozǐ),is a Chinese classic text. The text's true authorship and date of composition or compilation are still debated,although the oldest excavated text dates back to the late 4th century BC.Sinology is the legacy of the Chinese culture products, aims to introduce Chinese traditional culture to the world's art treasures. Sinology App Series are designed to provide understanding of the world classics and learning Chinese culture window. Later, every app will update content on a regular basis.

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