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僵尸仓库:神秘王国的Z战斗 免费版本

僵尸仓库:神秘王国的Z战斗 免费版本

  • 大小:49.5M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
仓库堆满了乱七八糟摆放的盒子,不赶快把这些盒子摆放整齐并送走会有大麻烦。你现在要做的左右推动那些箱子,需要时可以用到跑步和跳跃这些技能。行动吧,在GAME CENTER上取得更高的排名。温馨提示,你可以在开启游戏之前欣赏一段很棒的视频和音乐。**********Zombie crates are being dropped all over the Warehouse. Z the Zombie is here to keep it in order. You control him and you need to arrange and align these Crates in lines so they can be shipped off. You can push the crates right or left to align them evenly. You can jump over one box (or 2 if you get the power-up) if you need to. Once you have created a full line of crates, they will disappear. Very simple, right? Wait until it gets faster and you will get busy!!! It's a fun, cute and addictive game. Try your best score and compare with your friends on the Game Center. Send your friends an invitation to play and compare scores. Have fun!!!

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