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宝宝 摇篮曲 - 放松 晚安 声音 和 舒缓的音乐 为孩子们' 甜蜜的梦

宝宝 摇篮曲 - 放松 晚安 声音 和 舒缓的音乐 为孩子们' 甜蜜的梦

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Do you need some gentle and relaxing songs to put your baby to sleep? If you are looking for lullabies for kids, this is the right app for you. Wish your children sweet dreams and play them soothing sounds appropriate for bedtime. Sing your baby to sleep! This is the sweetest and simplest way to calm down your newborn. *** Gentle melodies for calming down babies!*** Soothing and relaxing sounds to make kids dreams sweeter!*** Nursery rhymes for putting baby to sleep!*** Calming effects and tunes for a whole-night sleeping!Is it hard for you to put your baby to sleep? Does it waken up all night and cry? Baby Lullaby Songs is the best way to calm your baby. White noise tones will relax your little ones and give them the best dreams ever. This app is pefect for newborns, toddlers and even bigger kids. And since you can take your phone everywhere with you, you can always have good night sounds to help you with your kids' dreams.*** Cute smiling baby falls asleep with nice and soft sounds!Download and listen to our rich collection of lullaby songs that will relax your kids and help it go to sleep. Have hours of rest when you finally put your baby to nap. Beautiful and classic children songs are ready for you. Soothing songs will relax you and your kids.*** Have the best and cutest sounds for babies!Your kids will never cry at night with adorable sleep music. With good night tunes, you will have your babies sleeping like angels on clouds. Sing with this pretty melodies and enjoy along with your baby. Just put your phone near the bed and play some lullaby. Wait no more! Provide your kids and yourself hours of sweetest dreams with most popular lullabies ever. Baby Lullaby Songs app is completely free to download, but some app’s contents may require payment and is only accessible through In-App Purchase.

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宝宝 摇篮曲 - 放松 晚安 声音 和 舒缓的音乐 为孩子们' 甜蜜的梦评论

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