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伪装计算器 - 照片视频密码等等 (免费版)

伪装计算器 - 照片视频密码等等 (免费版)

  • 大小:9.8M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:实用工具
  • 系统:ios
伪装计算器 - 照片视频密码等等 (免费版)1.照片和视频- 隐藏相册中的照片和视频- 支持多相册集- 幻灯片放映 - 机相册导入照片或视频2. 浏览器3. 备忘录4. 密码- 密码保存功能 - 密码生成器- 隨時輕鬆備份內容 [E-mail, Air Print]5. 通讯录- 添加字段6. 计算器- 简洁的使用界面- 侵入报告注意:- 所有第三方软件都不允许删除本机相册里的图片视频,所以需要你隐藏后手动删除如何登录 :- 按一下“.” 【十进制】- 输入密码: 4位数Pin码- 按一下“.” 【十进制】--------------------------------------------------Calculator+ Secret Folder Vault - Hide private photos album, video, password, web browser, notes and contacts via calculator% passcode lock style for protection.6 in 1 secret app hidden behind a functional of Calculator. Anyone who starts this application looks as a calculator but if you put in passcode it will open up secret Photo, Password , Note, Contact and Browser app.Photos and Videos Features: - Import/Export your private Photos/Videos from or to Camera Roll - Take private Photos or Video from within the app - Share photos & videos via email or Dropbox.- Slideshow Password Features: - Support auto fill-in username and password (If applicable). - Help you random and generate password or manually entered passwords for strength. - Add addition field up to 20.Browser Features: - Full screen mode- Supports landscape and portrait orientation. - Save as pdf - View page source Notes Features:- Support Folders.- Font size options.Contacts Features:- Large photo useful for business card.Security - Decoy function- Record intruder with Photo & GPS - Show last login - Reset or Force Close all tab from calculator screen by press .0000- Calculator- Basic calculator- % Calculation.- Displays the numbers at the top similar to a tape.How to login:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjiH14xnv2YNOTES: - Photos and Videos imported from camera roll needs to be manual deleted from the photo app. - All data stored locally on your device.(no iCloud) - Cannot use iTune sync- New device need to import data from old device. (back up and restore is not support)

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