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话剧演出大冒险 - 化妆换装儿童游戏

话剧演出大冒险 - 化妆换装儿童游戏

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一年一度的校园话剧节到啦,准备好接受当主角的挑战了吗?小红帽,罗密欧与朱丽叶和公主与王子,三个舞台需要三种装扮!快来表现你自己吧!It’s time to prepare for the school play! This play is a series of three plays, each featuring beloved characters from the theatrical tradition! It’s so cool to see the actors on stage as they play their parts, and to see all the backstage efforts that make a play a truly amazing experience! For these plays, you’re the costume designer! You need to help create the fantastic costumes that will make the talent perform the plays with verve and gusto! Are you up to the task? Of course you are…play School Play Costume Makeover and find out! There are three awesome stages, each featuring different kinds of costumes! First, dress your character as Little Red Riding Hood so she looks perfect walking around the forest set! Next, pick the right clothes to portray the doomed romance between Romeo and Juliet! Last, choose the most regal clothes for a prince and princess as they woo each other on the castle set! The stage world is a magical place! FEATURES- The school play is here!- You’re the costume designer!- Find the right clothes for the three different plays! HOW TO PLAY- Use the touch screen to select your favorite clothes!- Read instructions to make each actor look great!- Three plays mean three times the fun!Download this free educational game! It's super fun! Girls free games. We want to hear your voice!Check out our partner's Facebook for more information! https://www.facebook.com/pages/IProm-Inc/733903253314095Join Twitter: https://twitter.com/iPromIncDiscover more awesome games on their website: www.ipromgames.net

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