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School Lunch Food ~ 美味校园午餐

School Lunch Food ~ 美味校园午餐

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Make school lunch better in this fast paced cooking game. You’re responsible for whipping up delicious school lunches for yourself and your classmates in this fun game. The kitchen is your playground as you prepare, mix and cook lunch. Wash, chop and mix vegetables to prepare a healthy garden salad. Top with your favorite dressing. Whip up your own fast food in the school kitchen. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers. Fry tater tots to go along with the entrees. Don’t forget the condiments, like ketchup, mayonnaise and spicy mustard. You can even prepare scrumptious side dishes. Make pasta, veggies and fruit. Learn the secret school kitchen recipe for gooey macaroni and cheese. Your classmates will love it. When you’ve finished all of the prep work and cooking, don’t forget to serve your lunches with a glass of cold milk. Milk helps kids grow up strong and healthy. Your time in the kitchen is sure to be a blast. Thanks to you, lunch will never be the same! Product Features:- Wash, chop and prepare salads- Cook entrees and side dishes, using tons of ingredients from the pantry- Lots of recipes to cook- Fun for all agesHow to Play: - Select your favorite ingredients by touching the screen- Watch how long your hamburgers and hot dogs cook – Don’t let them burn! - Simple touch and swipe controls let you run your very own school cafeteria

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