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PumiLumi LITE - 捉迷藏

PumiLumi LITE - 捉迷藏

  • 大小:23.4M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
PumiLumi捉迷藏游戏一个适合2岁以上儿童的寻找探奇动画片一头小象在PumiLumi国和他的朋友们玩捉迷藏。躲藏起来的有趣的动物们邀请你穿越完全不同的风光地带和气候区域来经历一次发现之旅。 在每个大图片中躲藏着6个要被找着的动物。通过在视频上轻轻的抹划,孩子们可以很直观地使用程序。这真是一个奇妙的乐趣!这个游戏可以促进提高儿童的观察力和注意力,并能让他们认识不同的气候区域。Facebook上的PumiLumihttp://www.facebook.com/pages/PumiLumi/133229093430628-------------------------------------------------------------------PumiLumi FREE - A Hide-And-Seek Adventure An animated quest game for children ages 2 and upA small elephant plays hide-and-seek with his friends in the land of PumiLumi. The funny hidden animal friends invite the player on a discovery tour through different landscapes. The full app version of PumiLumi provides a desert, a winter wonderland, an underwater world and a landscape of forest and meadows. The colorfully large images can be explored by simply wiping across the screen.Thanks to its simple visual language, this app can be played intuitively by little children.At the start the small elephant presents four landscapes, each inviting the user to play. Each landscape chosen then presents a menu of the hidden animals to be found. When discovered and touched, each animal friend comes out of its hiding place and makes adorable movements and amusing sounds. What a delight!Each round of the game redistributes the hiding places anew within the different landscapes, keeping the game of seeking exciting and fun to explore. This game develops the child's powers of observation, logic, shape recognition, and knowledge of different climes.The appealing illustrations and high-quality animations in this app were created by Elevision, an established animation studio who has already published the "LinguPinguin" app, a popular and successful educational foreign language-learning game for children, as well as "BioMio - My First Biology App", "RioMio - My Animated City" and the cute "PumiLumi Touch Zoo".

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    有没有打算一起交流这个PumiLumi LITE - 捉迷藏使用技巧的,我才刚接触这个软件,不太熟悉。
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    简直是神应用,给PumiLumi LITE - 捉迷藏赞一个,会一直支持下去的。