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可怕的换音– 改变你的声音同令人毛骨悚然效果

可怕的换音– 改变你的声音同令人毛骨悚然效果

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Make a prank audio recording that will scare anybody! Download Scary Voices Changer Soundboard, press record and start talking! Once you are done with recording add some of our scary voice filters to sound terrifying! You will love all the sound effects we designed for all you pranksters! Check out this app and transform your voice so you could sound like you just came from Hell itself! *** Scary Voices Changer Soundboard features: **** Press “record” and start speaking! * Modify voice with scary effects and filters! * Trim the recording to remove what you don't like! * Set the pitch, echo, flange, distortion or tremolo! * Replay your recording to hear it! * Set these audio clips as your ringtone! * Save and share any of these recordings easily! Have fun with your friends and create the scariest recording that will make your bones shake! With all the horrifying effects you can sound like a witch, a demon, a vampire or even like an alien! Simply press the sound effect you like the most and change the way you sound! With our easy to use software you will make prank audio in just a few seconds! Try it out and share it with all your friends!*** The best way to transform your voice! ***If you like scary movies and sounds that will make you chill then this is just the right voice changer for you! Get it and start filtering your voice with different horror effects and modify your voice perimeters easily! This will make your voice sound just like a creature from another world! Get it and let the fun start with this funny but creepy voice changer app! As soon as you try it you will get addicted!*** New effects that will scare anybody! ***It is time to make the greatest prank of all time and make your voice sound like the voice of a demon! Find the scariest vice filter from our collection and apply it over your voice to make clips you can even use as a ringtone! Try all the special effects from our gallery and see which one sounds the worse! Go on and change the pitch of your voice to sound even more intimidating and spooky!

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    很不错!可怕的换音– 改变你的声音同令人毛骨悚然效果用户体验做的越来越棒了,我会一直支持下去的!
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    这个版本的可怕的换音– 改变你的声音同令人毛骨悚然效果响应变快了!优化的真不错
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    可怕的换音– 改变你的声音同令人毛骨悚然效果有没有破解版的啊,有的朋友麻烦推荐一下