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吓人的声音修改器 – 最佳的通话语音转换令人毛骨悚然声音效果

吓人的声音修改器 – 最佳的通话语音转换令人毛骨悚然声音效果

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Do you love changing your voice and pretending to be a ghost or a zombie? Are you in a mood for some creepiness? Transform your recordings into the scariest things you have ever heard! Play your modified recordings to your friends and frighten them to their bones! Simply record the message you would like to play and add special blood-chilling effects! You will have so much fun with this Scary Voice Modifier! ◀▶ Just tap to record the sound! ◀▶ Simplified editing and trimming tools!◀▶ Record and modify in an instant!◀▶ Test all the creepy effects!◀▶ Set your scary recording as your ringtone!◀▶ Easy sharing on major social networks!◀◀▶▶ Apply the best hair-raising effects! ◀◀▶▶If you're a fan of horror movies and enjoy imitating all the creepy sounds you can hear, this voice changer app will help you make your pranks even better! Imagine all the things you can do when you can play the eerie sounds you customized yourself! With Scary Voice Modifier fun never ends, so download it now and start making awesome recordings!◀◀▶▶ Modify the sounds as you want! ◀◀▶▶ If you love voice changers and always search for new options, now you can have a whole set of scary sound effects to modify your recordings with! Prepare for all special events like Halloween and save crazy sounds on your device! Then you can play all the ghost-like recordings just in time, or share them with your friends online! Make teeth chatter with this ultimate scary voice changer app!Scary Voice Modifier is totally free to download and use. Some content, such as removing ads, requires payment, which is only accessible through In-App Purchase.

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