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吓人声音换片用有趣的效果 - 最好的铃声制作和音板

吓人声音换片用有趣的效果 - 最好的铃声制作和音板

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Discover a new entertainment app guaranteed to make your day! Download Scary Voice Changer with Funny Effects and hear yourself talking in a creepy witch tone or try out an awesome caveman voice! Plenty of spooky sound effects are at your disposal, all you need to do is to be ready for laugh until your stomach hurts. Become a witch in seconds, say something creepy and record your voice. Scare all your friends and laugh out loud! Use it as a ringtone maker, or just have fun with hilarious recordings, the choice is all yours!App features:*** Instant play of a modified voice! ****** Awesome effects – a variety of funny and creepy voices – witch, cave voice and many more! ****** Use your recording as a ringtone! ****** The coolest male to female voice changer! ****** You can edit your recordings – customize the pitch and the echo!*** A hilarious soundboard for people of all ages ****** Save and share your recording with your friends on social networks ***The coolest soundboard and voice modifier!This awesome voice changer is just what you need to relax on any day and to loosen up any situation. Break that uncomfortable silence and use it as an ace up your sleeve. The change of the overall mood will amaze you! You will see everyone burst out laughing as soon as they listen to your fabulous monster voice. So as you can assume, the fun is guaranteed! Try out all of the creepy sound effects and amuse everyone around you!Change your voice to sound like a monstrous creature!You can use your awesome new recording as a unique ringtone! So start this voice changing adventure, and cheer up everyone around you in such a silly way. You can also edit your recording to make it sound just the way you want. Download free Scary Voice Changer with Funny Effects so that you can pull hilarious pranks! Get this awesome soundboard and modify your voice in a way that will be amusing for everyone around you! Be in the center of attention or just use it to brighten up your day, either way you won't regret getting this awesome app! Enjoy!

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