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摇晃的绳索的恐怖游戏 摆动游戏男孩 可怕的绳子摆动 为孩子们酷游戏 Pro

摇晃的绳索的恐怖游戏 摆动游戏男孩 可怕的绳子摆动 为孩子们酷游戏 Pro

  • 大小:60.6M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:动作游戏
  • 系统:ios
====This Game Does Not Force Ads on Players====Use your rope to swing from one building to another through famous cities in the world. Choose day or night and pick your favorite rope and character. Use the flying objects such as birds, planes and helicopters to help you through the city, but beware some may hinder your progress and if you hold on too long, it could prove to be deadly.Features:* Universal app for all your i-devices* Numerous Famous cities with day and nighttime play* 6 characters to choose from and 6 different ropes* 3 different timed plays or unlimited* Amazing graphics* Awesome gameplay* And hours of fun!

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摇晃的绳索的恐怖游戏 摆动游戏男孩 可怕的绳子摆动 为孩子们酷游戏 Pro评论

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