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GoGoPhoto 拍拍走

GoGoPhoto 拍拍走

  • 大小:5.5M
  • 语言:中文
  • 类别:生活服务
  • 系统:ios
生活中總有新鮮事現在就拿起您的手機跟著GoGoPhoto一起發現這個城市的新鮮事特色:* 生活中附近的新鮮事:快速找出您所在位置附近的新鮮事,以城市地區群組介面呈現。* 即時上傳新鮮事:您可以透過 GoGoPhoto 上傳新鮮事圖片與留言討論。* 最即時的在地資訊:提供規劃路線,或透過 facebook 和朋友分享喜愛新鮮事。 * 追縱您喜愛的評論人或朋友,看看他們都分享了什麼。* 商家提供優惠活動,您可以查看附近正在進行的優惠,透過QR Code掃描馬上獲取折扣。GoGoPhoto helps you find funny things in your city!FEATURES* Find places around your current location.
* Discover where to go right now: Find best places around you. View places by map and list.* Upload new places: Shoot and upload your favorite places on the go - from your phone, to the world. * Share directions and other detailed information with friends: Make comments or share places to your friends by facebook.* Connect with your friends. Find them through Facebook.* Follow your favorite reviewers and friends to see what they have shared.* Discover promotions around you and scan the QR code to get the discount by task scanner.

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    讲真,生活服务里我只服GoGoPhoto 拍拍走,不解释